Teacher Presentation

The college currently has 141 full-time teachers, including 30 senior professional titles, 74 deputy senior professional titles, 35 intermediate professional titles, the number of senior professional titles is as high as 73.75%, and 18 doctoral supervisors. From the perspective of age distribution, the structure of old and middle-aged teachers is reasonable, with 18 teachers under 35 years old, accounting for 13.04%; 55 teachers aged 36-45 years, accounting for 39.86%; 65 teachers aged 46-60, accounting for 47.1% From the distribution of academic structure, there are 104 teachers with doctorate degrees, accounting for 75.36%; 21 teachers with master's degrees, accounting for 15.22%; 12 teachers with bachelor's degrees, accounting for 8.7%, and 96.33%. The majors they are engaged in are consistent; the rate of teachers going abroad is 45%, and there are also returnee doctors from schools such as the University of North Carolina in the United States and the Belfort-Montbella University of Technology in France.

At the same time, in order to further strengthen ties and cooperation with all sectors of the society and optimize teaching and scientific research resources, the college also adopted special methods, part-time, guest, lectures and other methods, employing more than 30 well-known professors and entrepreneurs at home and abroad.

Among the existing scholars in the School of Economics and Management, one is a leading person of the National “Ten Thousand Talents Program” in philosophy and social sciences, one is a winner of the National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Fund project, and one is enjoying government subsidies from the State Council. There are 1 specially-appointed professors in the "Chutian Scholars Program" in Hubei Province; 2 chief professors of the university, 2 backbone talents of the university, 2 young talents of the university, 9 outstanding young talents of the university