Subject Construction

Since the establishment of the School of Economics and Management in 1985, for more than 30 years, it has closely followed the theme of the development of the times, closely focused on the main theme of national economic development, and guided by the development of serving the society and the country. The characteristic economic management disciplines cover three first-level disciplines in management science and engineering, business administration, and applied economics. Among them, "Management" in 2007 was rated as a national high-quality course, in 2007 was approved by the Ministry of Education as an experimental area for the training of international talents for business management, in 2008, the discipline of management science and engineering was named as a key discipline in Hubei Province, "Study" was rated as the national bilingual teaching demonstration course, and "Marketing" was rated as the excellent course in Hubei Province. In the fourth round of national subject evaluation in 2017, management science and engineering, business management, and applied economics were awarded B -, In 2018, MOOC's "Cultural and Natural Heritage" won the first prize of the "Most Beautiful MOOC-The First 100 Excellent Chinese University MOOC Awards".

The college now has 1 post-doctoral mobile station (management science and engineering), 2 first-level discipline doctoral programs (management science and engineering, applied economics), 4 first-level discipline master programs (business management, management science and engineering, applications Economics), 9 undergraduate majors (economics, statistics, international economics and trade, business management, marketing, accounting, tourism management, information management and information systems, engineering management), 2 key disciplines in Hubei Province (management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics).